Bird protection net

Meshes specially designed for crop protection or fruit trees against the action of all kinds of birds, rodents or small animals.

They are also installed in aviaries for birds.

material Construction and materials

puntero Antibird net (2X3) is a fabric made of monofilament yarn high density polyethylene (HDPE).

puntero Antibird net extruded in polypropylene (PP).


puntero UV Stabilized ensures long durability.

puntero Flexible, light fabric, and easy to install.

puntero Allow the passage of light, air and water.

puntero Low shading.

puntero Check availability of wide.

puntero Color: black, crystal and green.

ventajas Benefits

puntero Avoid economic losses.

puntero Wind and small frost protection.

puntero Under cost economic product.