Harvesting sheet

Monofilament woven net used in the harvesting of fruits such as olives and almonds and other nuts (walnut, pistachio, etc.).

material Material

puntero High-density polyethylene (HDPE).

caracteristicas Features

puntero Flexible, lightweight and durable fabric.

puntero Different fabric constructions.

puntero Colors: black, green.

puntero Non-toxic product, fulfilling the European regulation of food packaging.

ventajas Advantages

puntero The knocked down fruits fall on the sheets and don’t touch the ground, reaching the mill with less impurities or dirt, obtaining a higher quality crop. This aspect should be taken into account in the olive harvesting, because olives are usually divided in two categories: direct from the tree or from the ground.

  • Olives directly harvested from the tree will have better performance, since they have not rolled between rocks and sand, therefore reducing the probability of damaging the fruit skin.
  • Olives harvested from the ground may lose quality during the contact with stones and sand because the breaking of the skin initiates the degradation process directly in the olive grove.