Non-woven cover

Nonwoven cover protects effectively the crop against weather (cold, wind, UV rays, etc), and against insects, improving the performance and quality of the plant.

material Material

puntero Nonwoven polypropylene (PP) fabric, with UV treatment.

ventajas Benefits / Advantages:

puntero It generates a microclimate that favors uniform crop growth.

puntero Anti-frost function, preventing freezing in autumn crops.

puntero It requires no installation structure, as it is a very light material.

puntero Its micro porosity makes it permeable to water and wind, allowing treatment and irrigation of the crops directly. Does not absorb water.

puntero Reduces UV exposure

puntero Increases the duration of the season and its production.

puntero The protection provided allows crops to grow without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

puntero Increased productivity and quality of plants.

puntero Inexpensive product.

puntero Check availability of widths.


puntero P17 (17 g / m2)