Productive process

WE ARE MANUFACTURERS !!!! The integral manufacture of our fabrics is key to offer a level of guarantee like no other. We have extrusion lines with which we produce our monofilament threads and raffia ribbons. We design the structure of our fabrics according to the required technical specifications.

International projection

We are present in numerous countries outside our borders, on different continents. After many years of international activity, we have been able to develop products adapted to the needs of the most demanding markets. And, after all, the good is well received wherever it goes.


We are very committed to the research and development of new products that improve and meet the demands of consumers. That is why we are committed to collaborating in new R & D & I projects that allow us to offer more effective solutions, obtaining fabrics with added value.

For agriculture, livestock, construction, aquaculture or fishing

We offer you different solutions depending on your needs. Quality, service
and guarantee on all our products.

Today we are a more efficient and competitive company, with exciting challenges and many business opportunities.

Our extensive experience of over 35 years in the sector, assures you the best choice.

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