global Products for the global market

The main objective of our company policy is to ensure maximum satisfaction to our customers, offering a wide range of high performance products. To do this we promote a culture of quality based on the principles of honesty, leadership and teamwork.

luz Innovation

To increase our technological capabilities, we rely on constant innovation, so that we can cope with the growing demands posed by our clients or ourselves detect. At the same time, we never lose sight of the requirements of regulations and rules applicable to any European company, with the strictest certifications for safety, occupational health, recycling, waste, environment, etc.

grupo-200x200 Oriented values and cooperation

There are a number of values that we consider fundamental and binding in relation to our business:

puntero Reliability: meet the commitments, perform all actions with transparency, honesty, security and justice.

puntero Respect: both decisions and the treatment given to all people is based on respect for their ideas, behaviors and attitudes.

puntero Proof: the company and its collaborators persevere to achieve the objectives.

puntero Quality: working with the awareness continuously improve to achieve the highest possible quality is something that customers observe and continually assessed.

punteroService: the human talent of the company strives to provide the best service to customers, interpreting their needs and satisfy them promptly and effectively.

puntero Excellence: through self-discipline, independence and resourcefulness, maintain standards that achieve perfection.

In our quest to guide our business to this set of values, we consider ourselves bound to our customers worldwide, and especially to employees who work at our headquarters. We understand and respect their cultural ties and receive each and every one of them with the same ethical and humanistic attitude marked.
Similarly, we conceive and nurture our relationships with our partners worldwide, both suppliers and service providers as well as public administration and the public.

sostenibiSustainability is our commitment

As oriented company a set of values, we owe it to the principle of sustainability, with particular emphasis on resource conservation and environmental protection.
The principle of sustainability also defines all decisions of vital importance with which we intend to guide our company consistently towards the long-term success and not towards achieving objectives ephemeral.

mejoria Continuous improvement effort

Our position is to consider all our achievements from a prism of partial satisfaction. Therefore, in the main areas of our company, we have established a number of mechanisms that allow us to check whether our daily routine (p. Eg. Processes, products, methods, etc.) complies with the procedures we apply ourselves. Any divergence or detected possibility of improvement allow us to introduce the necessary measures. In this way, we aim to consistently achieve the best possible level, knowing, as we know, that the demands are increasing.