Shade mesh

They are specially designed to provide a uniform shading area that control the amount of sunlight that the crops and other application areas receive.

Made with monofilament warp and raffia ribbon weft threads.

material Material

puntero Virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE).


puntero UV stabilized, which ensures long durability.

puntero Different percentages of shading: ref.40-50%, ref.60-70%, ref.80-90%, ref.100%

puntero Available in different colours.

puntero Confection service for made-to-measures pieces.

puntero Permeable to the passage of air and water.

puntero Easy installation.


puntero In agriculture, they are installed in macrotunnels to shade the crops.

puntero In livestock farming they are used to shade the cattle.

puntero In aquaculture, they are used to give a total hiding in fish farms.

puntero In the construction industry they are used in fencing and fencing works, parking areas, as separation of homes, awnings for events, etc.

ventajas Benefits in agriculture

puntero Creation of an ideal climate for better production.

puntero Control of the light level that the plant receives.

puntero Temperature control in crop area.

puntero Control of the airflow inside the greenhouse.

puntero Elimination of the plant stress, which reduces water consumption.

puntero Wind protection.

colores Available colours