Quality and Environment


In COTEXA ALCALAINA committed to offering a high quality product that fully meets the requirements of our customers. That is why since 2002 , we have implemented in our company an integrated management system that includes quality management and environment , in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards . We spend much of our effort to regularly monitor our production processes , evaluating and controlling the parameters obtained by ensuring that our products meet all required technical specifications.


Our customers choose us, they are sure to find a reliable response from first contact to final delivery of the product, which fully meets their expectations within the agreed deadlines, and post-delivery activities.

The purpose of this Quality Policy is to consolidate this reality, continually improving performance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Quality for us is to know who our client is, what their expectations and fulfill always on time and without errors. The satisfaction of our customers is our own.

The Quality Management System aims to promote the participation of all and eliminating activities that do not add value to our client, ensuring and improving profitability and competitiveness of our products and services, trying to spread a culture of continuous improvement of our processes.

According to this policy we establish quality objectives at all levels, tracking the degree of compliance with them so that we can measure our improvement.

COTEXA Alcalaína recognizes that to achieve these objectives is essential to full participation, responsibility and commitment of all the people who are part of this company and its employees, joining its permanent commitment to improving their individual work, teamwork and total commitment to the overall objectives of our Company, whose address, being consistent with the assumed responsibility, provides resources and work environment necessary to comply with this Policy.

In order to provide the highest standards of quality, only use virgin raw materials first class and the most advanced additives market.


ISO 9001


We are aware of the importance of minimizing the impact caused by our activity. That is why environmental protection features prominently within the company goals instead . To ensure this management has developed along with the staff of the organization , guidelines and targets aimed at protecting the environment:

  • We maintain a commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention .

  • We understand environmental protection as an important management responsibility and we ensure that it is carried out through concrete goals and guidelines for behavior in all functions and areas of activity of the company. Protecting the environment requires us all responsible behavior.
  • We understand that reducing the environmental impacts generated by the use and handling of chemicals and hazardous substances , consumption of water and energy and inadequate waste management , is the central task of our environmental protection policy .

  • We declare our commitment to enforce existing laws that apply by the nature of our activities.

  • We periodically review our company the state of environmental protection in order to verify progress and adapt the objectives and goals to the nature and magnitude of environmental impacts caused by our activities, products and services. Environmental programs are produced annually from this review make it possible to establish a process of continuous improvement and pollution prevention .
  • We inform and train our employees extensively on the environmental aspects linked to the development of their activities within the company and motivate them to perform their behavior in the workplace that reflects environmental awareness .
  • Gradually incorporate the stakeholders in our efforts to improve environmental protection . We require our suppliers environmental standards that facilitate us the extent of our objectives and goals . They are available to customers our actions to reduce the environmental impact.
  • The Environmental Policy will be available to the public and will be properly disseminated to all employees.

Both management and employees of all areas are responsible for the proper and efficient development of guidelines and targets within the Environmental Management System .

The Directorate of COTEXA Alcalaína assumes its commitment to provide human resources, materials and the work environment needed to implement and maintain the EMS.

Our certification ensures a clean and responsible management of our waste .


ISO 14001


Insolation along with heat and oxygen causes degradation of plastics affecting its physical and mechanical properties, optical . For all this , the final product is broken and discolored more easily.

All our fabrics have incorporated UV stabilizers to protect them from oxidation and ultraviolet radiation from sunlight . Used masterbatches protect photochemical degradation so that the photosensitive polymers serve for outdoor applications .

The unit of measurement of solar radiation is the Langley.

We protect our fibers guarantee a minimum duration expressed in kilolangley ( Kly ) and can thus obtain annual aging that will have the product.

The radiant solar energy received in a year will depend on the geographical location, taking a 40-60 kly results in polar regions and 100-160 Kly in the temperate region , reaching maximum values of 200-220 Kly in certain areas desert .

Map of solar radiation

( Expressed as an annual kilolangley )

Kly ( Kcal/cm2/year )