Productive Process

The integral manufacture of our fabrics is key to being able to offer an unsurpassed level of guarantee

We dominate every step of the production process


The quality of the final product depends largely on the raw materials used . That is why we are committed to use only high quality materials .


Extrusion lines have large capacity , with which we produce our monofilament and raffia ribbons . We adapt production to required diameters and thicknesses.


The preparation of the warp of our fabrics is performed by mounting the reels on the creel , in order to collect on a warp beam a certain number of threads with a given length.


The weaving process is to link the threads of the warp and plotting with others, with the aim of transforming the fibers or yarns into fabrics. Depending on the desired article , the design , the proportion of fiber and fabric structure develops .


We offer customers the possibility of making as shrouds . We have industrial sewing machines with which we junctions tissue pieces . Our folding machines make the adjustment of the final winding.