Silage protection net

Silage process

Silage protection net


The silage process is a technique of easy preparation, which can be adapted by livestock producers to feed their animals.

Silage is the result of compacting the forage, mixed with its own moisture, which turns into a mass. This technique allows to store the excess of fodder, in order to face times of food scarcity, preserving its nutritional value.

Our nets for silage are reinforced fabrics specifically designed to cover harvested products and other raw materials, constituting a system of optimal coverage to position it over the plastic film. Do not breathe the silo is essential for a good silage material. The presence of air does not allow that the desired lactic acid fermentation (anaerobic) occurs, but the processes of putrefaction, thereby losing its quality.

Applied high technology and strict quality controls, make them very durable in time.


material Material

puntero High-density Polyethylene (HDPE).


caracteristicas Features

puntero Stabilized UV It ensures long durability.

puntero Very compact tear-resistant material.

puntero Very high stability to tensile forces.

puntero Standard fabric weights: 200-300 gr / m2.

puntero Colors: green, black.

puntero Longitudinal loops which facilitate the positioning and fixing of the sacks.

puntero High quality seams and hems.

puntero Made to measures service.

lupa Detail

ventajas Advantage

puntero High protection against damage from external elements like birds, livestock, pets, small rodents or hail.

puntero Save time thanks to its quick and easy installation.

puntero According to comparative studies of costs, it is the cheapest way to stock up.

puntero Not to waste is a sustainable practice.

puntero Prevents the appearance of mold and its associated losses in the stored product.

puntero It provides a windbreak effect on the cover.


puntero Ensure optimal sealing at the edges of silage.

puntero They provide weight and flexibility, adapting to the irregularities.

puntero Check availability of sizes and colors.

puntero Options: with handle, loops and string.


material Material

puntero High density polyethylene (HDPE).