Scaffolding net

The safety net is a prevention system, whose usefulness is to protect against the landslides or falls of material in facades and works.

Insect net

Our anti-insect meshes limit the presence of pests in crop crops in greenhouses. They have been designed to offer you the greatest protection ...

Shade mesh

They are specially designed to provide a uniform shading area that controls the amount of sunlight that crops and other application areas receive.

Silage protection net

The silage process presents an easy elaboration technique, which can be adapted by livestock producers to feed their animals.

Harvesting sheet

Net woven with monofilament, used in the collection of fruits such as olives or almonds, as well as other nuts (nuts, pistachios, etc.).

Non-woven cover

Non-woven cover that effectively protects the crop against the weather (cold, wind, UV rays, etc.), and against insects, improving performance ...

Ground cover fabric

Anti-weed meshes are used to cover the ground and prevent the appearance of weeds on the ground. Among its application areas, the horticultural centers stand out ...

Antihail net

Leno weave or "English twist", made with monofilament yarn, designed for crop protection against hail and hail storms.